Our group, REACTE (“Reactivity and Catalysis using Electron Tranfers”,) is recognized at an international level in the field of molecular electrochemistry and photochemistry, electron transfer reactivity and catalysis.

The group is based on 4 permanent researchers:

  • Dr. Elodie ANXOLABEHERE-MALLART, CNRS Senior Researcher (Google Scholar)

We usually host 12 to 15 young researchers in the group (PhDs, Postdocs, Interns, Visitors).

In the last years, we have made important contributions to proton-coupled electron transfers (PCET) reactions, that are the object of current active theoretical and experimental attention in view of their implication in a huge number of natural and synthetic processes. Concerning the later, we are investigating the electrochemical activation of small molecules such as H2, O2, H2O, CO2, N2 by metal complexes in solution as well as attached to surfaces or materials, in an effort to address contemporary energy challenges (storing energy into chemical bonds). For all of these reactions, the coupling of electron and proton transfers is playing a crucial role, both in terms of mechanism, efficiency, and products distribution. We are also developing new methodology and reactions for green electrosynthesis, in an effort to electrify homogeneous catalysis.


Molecular electrochemistry, Molecular catalysis and catalytic films, Hybrid catalysts, Light-driven catalysis, Electron transfer, Proton-coupled electron transfer, Activation of small molecules (N2, CO2, O2, H2O), Solar fuels, Electrosynthesis, Bioinspired reactions, Reaction mechanisms, Ab Initio calculations, Electron transfer models.

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