Collaborations & Partnerships

Our academic collaborations and industrial partnerships

Academic Collaborations

Osamu Ishitani group (Titech, Tokyo – JAPAN)


Louise Berben group (UC Davis – USA)

logo-UC Davis

Kim Daasbjerg group (Aarhus University – DENMARK)

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Curtis Berlinguette group (UBC Vancouver – CANADA)

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Andrea Sartorel and Geatano Granozzi groups (Padova University – ITALY)

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Tai-Chu Lau group (City U, Hong-Kong – CHINA)

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Garrett M. Miyake group (Colorado State University – USA)


Benedikt Lassalle (LUCIA beamline, SOLEIL Synchrotron – FRANCE)


Nicolas Mézailles group (LHFA, Toulouse – FRANCE )

logo-lhfalogo-UPS Toulouse

Fabrice Odobel group (Ceisam, Université de Nantes – FRANCE )

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Clément CommingesBoniface Kokoh group (Université de Poitiers – FRANCE )

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Industrials Partnerships

Air Liquide

After winning the 2016 Essential Small Molecules Challenge launched by Air Liquide, with the “CO2, give back your O2!” project, we have developped a partnership aiming at producing oxygen and carbon monoxide from carbon dioxide in a sustainable way.

The MARS Consortium with GRDF, GRTgaz and Teréga


A year after our Nature (2017) paper on the photochemical reduction of CO2 to CH4, we have built the research consortium MARS in 2018 with the three gas distributors in France.